Join our webinar – Wine Matcher: Your time-saving tool

By April 24, 2019Liv-ex updates

You are invited to join our free webinar, Wine Matcher: Your time-saving tool, next week. You can sign up here for the session in English, or here for the French.

Liv-ex members have now used Wine Matcher to process ten million lines of wine data. They tell us that it saves them valuable time when looking for price information, cleaning lists, and uploading stock to Liv-ex.

Next week, we’re hosting a free webinar, which will give a brief overview of Wine Matcher’s key time-saving features. The session will be hosted by Product Manager Nick Palmer, who has in-depth knowledge of the tool as well as several years’ experience as a fine wine salesperson with a leading London merchant. He brings insight from both roles to show you how to make the most of Wine Matcher for valuations, spotting trading opportunities, and uploads.

We expect the session to last around 15 minutes – it’s a quick way to explore which features may be relevant to you.

Two sessions are available in order to accommodate time zones – one on Wednesday afternoon, and another on Thursday morning UK time.  To reserve a space, use the button below. You can alternatively sign up for a French session here.

Webinar details
The webinar will take place on Wednesday and Thursday and will last for around 15 minutes. Both sessions are the same – you only need to attend one. After you have signed up, you’ll be sent a confirmation email. You will then receive a reminder 15 minutes before the start time with a link to join. You don’t need any special equipment – just an internet connection and some headphones or speakers. We recommend clicking to join five minutes before start time.

About Wine Matcher
Wine Matcher simplifies lists of wines, and can add important price data such as Market Price, Bid, Offer and Last trade – automatically. Many Liv-ex members now use it to ease the process of adding wines to their own systems or to Liv-ex. Others use it to value lists from private clients, and spot opportunities on trade lists.

There are no development costs required to get started with Wine Matcher. It is a browser based tool, meaning you just log in to get started. Members on the Liv-e Silver package above already have access and can log in at