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LWIN Services

Standard Process 

1. Purpose 

This document sets out the process for requesting additions or amendments to the LWIN database, the responsibility for doing that, the standard processes, and the expected timelines in which changes will be executed. 

2. Definition 

The LWIN database is the world’s biggest open-source database for wine and spirits. It contains detailed geographic, colour and classification information. LWIN – a unique seven-digit numerical code – is the universal identifier for wine and spirits. It assigns unique codes to almost 100,000 different wines and spirits, providing a common language for the drinks trade. As the purpose of each LWIN is to identify a specific wine, it is not designed to be a product code, and cannot represent mixed cases.  

3. Disclaimer 

Liv-ex provides LWIN services to standardise your existing products to LWIN. Responsibility for ensuring the correct application of the LWIN lies with the user. By using LWIN you accept that you are responsible for any and all applications of its use, and recognise that Liv-ex accepts no liability for any loss that might occur due to a mismatched LWIN or any errors in the associated data.  

4. Standard Process  

  • New LWINs 

All requests must be made through the LWIN tool (link below) or the Wine Matcher application. This service is currently provided free of charge, with a standard turnaround of 3 working days. NB. This may be extended during busy periods. 

All new LWIN requests should include as much detailed product information as possible, in accordance with LWIN standards. Liv-ex retains the right to reject any requests not compliant with those standards. LWIN_standards.pdf 

  • Amend LWINs 

LWIN amend requests must be submitted via the helpdesk. Requests will be acknowledged within 24 hours and results normally available within 7 days of the necessary information being provided. LWIN helpdesk website 

Training on how best to interact and use LWIN is available on request.  

5. Pricing for Premium Services 

Liv-ex can undertake LWIN creation and LWIN matching tasks on your behalf. Prices below: 

  • Create:  £10 / LWIN 

New LWINs researched and created by the LWIN team in accordance with the LWIN standards. LWINs will be created within 5 working days of the necessary information being provided. 

  • Priority Create:  £20 / LWIN 

As above, but with a priority turn-around time of 1 working day. 

  • LWIN list matching – £1 / line 

List-matching to existing LWIN products.  

All turnaround times are subject to volume of requests. An estimate will be provided with the quotation. Where there is likely to be a delay, Liv-ex will inform the user of the revised timetable. 

  • All bespoke work is subject to a minimum invoice charge of £250 
  • Payment in advance required for services provided to businesses not already a Liv-ex customer.