Liv-ex for merchants

Liv-ex is for the wine trade only - and always will be.

We connect you to a global marketplace, making it easier to price, buy and sell wine.

Price wine accurately

We have over 644m current and historic price points on over 1/4 million wines. Use them to price wine quickly and accurately for valuations or to spot opportunities on lists. 

Buy wine easily

Access £39m of confirmed stock to offer your customersGive them more choice without tying up any extra capital. 

Sell wine globally.

We give you access to a network of nearly 500 trusted merchants worldwide who are ready to buy – all in one place. Sell easier and faster. 

Liv-ex for developers

Liv-ex will give you everything you need to automate and accelerate a wine business; a library of API documentssandbox environment, up-time reports, consultations, forums and more. 

Liv-ex for private collectors

Liv-ex membership is for wine businesses only, but you’re welcome to read analysis on our blog. For more of Liv-ex’s data and analysis, such as a valuation of your portfolio, speak to your merchant.  

Let us help grow your wine business