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How to spot trading opportunities during En Primeur using the Fair Value Tool and List Studio

The 2022 Bordeaux En Primeur campaign is in full swing. Although the focus for many now is to buy wine in barrel, this period also offers a chance to find value in back-vintages, and if you are a stockholder to sell at the right price. Liv-ex has a variety of tools that allow you to spot the best trading opportunities.

  • Use the Fair Value Tool to find real value in previous releases
  • If you are a buyer, source at a good price. If you are a stockholder, sell at the right price
  • List Studio, the complete benchmarking experience, allows you to always set the right price
  • Get release alerts with Fair Value tool analysis to quickly spot opportunities and trade accordingly

Find value in back vintages

Liv-ex’s Fair Value Tool lets you compare the relative value of a new release against previous ones.

According to the methodology used, for example, Château Beychevelle is 82.8% correlated to age. As such, it follows the traditional pricing pattern for fine wine, meaning vintages appreciate in price with the passing of time. 

Typically, though not always, the most ‘undervalued’ wines provide the best returns as the price moves up to ‘Fair Value’ in the secondary market, whereas ‘overvalued’ wines provide the worst return.

As such, the vintages below the trend line on the chart below might offer relative value compared to their peers. This means you may be able to find physical vintages available at a more competitive price than this year’s release. 

Château Beychevelle 2022 was released with an opening price of £836 per 12×75. While this was a good release, buyers looking for value may want to consider the 2021, which is available for less than the 2022 vintage. 

Once you’ve found an opportunity, you can buy the wine with the click of a button on the Liv-ex exchange.

If you are holding stock of this wine, this tool provides an opportunity to set your selling price correctly. 

Sell at the right price

As a seller, you can use List Studio to sense-check your prices: “Have I priced my stock correctly? Should I lower my price, or put the price up?”.

List Studio lets you compare your price against the market and other merchants, all in one screen. Once you have decided on a price, you can quickly and easily list the wine live on the global marketplace and expose the offer to 620+ merchants.

Want to know more about how Liv-ex tools can help you spot trading opportunities? Request a demo below!

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Want to receive En Primeur release alerts?

By subscribing to our En Primeur release alerts, you will automatically receive trading opportunities which might be of interest, so that you can act quickly. We present each release compared to previous vintages and their current Market Price, and include a link to view the current market for the wine released on the exchange.