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3rd Party SLA

Liv-ex 3rd Party relationship Terms 

1. Purpose 

This document sets out the relationship between, and the obligations and expectations of,  Liv-ex ltd. (Liv-ex), 3rd party data providers (e.g. providers of critic scores, label images etc.(data providers) and Liv-ex customers (members) who are users of our data services, and who may either be customers of the 3rd party data provider, or users of the 3rd party data. 

2. Definition 

3rd party data provider is a company that provides their proprietary data to Liv-ex to redistribute via its API services, to Liv-ex customers.   

3. Disclaimer 

Liv-ex provides 3rd party data on a distribution only basis, and is not responsible for the quality, completeness or accuracy of the underlying data, but will use best endeavours to provide the data as supplied by the data provider.  By using this service, you recognise that Liv-ex accepts no liability for any loss that might occur due to any errors in the associated data.  

Obligations of Liv-ex to the data provider 

  • Liv-ex will provide this data on behalf of the respective data provider according to their terms.  
  • Liv-ex will only make data available to its members who hold a requisite licence with the data provider unless otherwise agreed. 
  • When informed that a member has ceased its subscription with the data provider or no longer hold the relevant valid license, Liv-ex will turn off access to the data via the API service as soon as is practical and in any case within one week. 

Obligations of the 3rd party data provider to Liv-ex 

  • The data provider will map their data to LWIN. 
  • The data provider shares their company details and subscription information with Liv-ex as required to manage the service. 
  • Where a customer of the data provider ceases their subscription the data provider will inform Liv-ex of the customer name and date of cessation in order for Liv-ex to turn off the service. 
  • Where the data provider identifies potential errors within the data, the data provider will notify Liv-ex as soon as possible so that those potential errors can be investigated and corrected. 

Expectations of Liv-ex members regarding 3rd party data services 

  • The service will only be available to members with a gold subscription or above 
  • Where required the member will need to have a valid subscription with the data provider 
  • Every member who makes use of this service must correctly credit the data provider according to terms agreed with Liv-ex. 

Expectations with regards to data ingestion and coverage 


a) Due to the large number of products available in the alcoholic drinks industry and the possible variety of data formatsLiv-ex cannot guarantee all information from every data provider will be included in a given API service. Data will be prioritised for inclusion based on aggregate demand and relevance to the secondary market. 


Liv-ex will upload all data that is supplied by the data provider that includes a valid LWIN.  

c) Missing data / inaccurate data: 

Liv-ex will provide the most accurate data possible on a best endeavours basis.   

Where a member identifies potential missing or inaccurate data, they will confirm initially with the data provider if the data has been submitted to Liv-ex. If the data provider confirms that the data has been submitted to Liv-ex, the data provider will inform Liv-ex of the missing datawho will investigate and correct as appropriate.  

Users of the data recognise that Liv-ex accepts no liability for any loss that might occur due to a mismatched LWIN or any errors in the associated data 

d) Liv-ex aims to upload new data within five working days of the data being received