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Get the latest scores from Lisa Perrotti–Brown MW (The Wine Independent) automatically onto your website

Liv-ex members can now update their website automatically with the latest critic scores and notes from Lisa Perrotti-Brown MW (The Wine Independent). She joins Vinous Media, Jane Anson and Saturnalia in being available as part of our Critic Data API.

With Critic Data API, your system will instantly receive the most up-to-date scores and tasting notes. As such it is replacing what is for many a time-consuming and manual task of copy and paste.

In our most recent En Primeur survey, Lisa-Perrotti Brown was voted one of the top five most influential critics by Liv-ex members. We are delighted to announce that her scores and tasting notes are more readily available to wine businesses across the world.

How to get started

To get Lisa Perrotti-Brown scores automatically, you will need to have a license with The Wine Independent. If you already have a license, please speak to your Liv-ex account manager.

If you want to become a subscriber, The Wine Independent is offering a 25% discount for Commercial subscriptions. Please use the code LIVEX25 at check-out.

If you are interested, but currently not a Liv-ex member, you can request a demo.

Request a demo

The Critic Data API service is also available to subscribers of Jane Anson, Vinous Enterprise and Saturnalia.

Other ways to digitally transform your wine business

Our Critic Data API is one of many APIs available to Liv-ex members to help them trade more efficiently.

APIs are technical tools that exchange information quickly and accurately between computer systems. Liv-ex’s automation services allow you to bring accurate prices into your systems, find trading opportunities faster, grow sales by offering Liv-ex stock, instruct international shipping instantly, and more.

For more on the benefits of automation and how it works in practice, download our complimentary guide How to digitally transform your wine business by filling out the form below.