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Special Report – Introduction to fine wine investment

As fine wine gets older and rarer, it is expected to increase in value. This is the premise of fine wine investment: buy wine when it’s young, then sell it once it’s more valuable.

Headlines are filled with stories of investors who bought wine at low prices, then sold it years later for thousands. The possibility that wine, a complex drink that fascinates many people, could earn a substantial return, attracts many to wine investment.

Our latest report, Introduction to fine wine investment, outlines how investing in fine wine works in practice and the key trends that have defined the market over the past 20 years.

Questions answered in the report include:

  • What is the allure in investing in wine?
  • How to access the market, and what are the costs involved?
  • What role does Liv-ex play?
  • How and where to get the right information?
  • What are the biggest wine investment trends?

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