Market Prices – more comprehensive than ever before

By June 7, 2018Member updates

The Market Prices that you see on Liv-ex are now more accurate and up-to-date than ever before, and cover a broader range of wines.

In May, we completed a refresh of our prices using a new and improved algorithm. This was run across 209,282 individual wines (LWIN11) in the Liv-ex database, covering 500 million data points.

As a result, 30% more wines now have a Market Price from the past 14 days. In addition 27,692 more wines now have a current Market Price.

One of the most significant changes is that single bottle prices can now influence Market Price. The intelligent algorithm is able to identify a switch point when the bottle market for an individual wine becomes more active than the case market. This generally occurs as wines become older and rarer.

The new logic continues to rely on stockholder merchants rather than brokers. This ensures that prices are based on stock that is confirmed to be available in the market.

Changes you’ll see

As a result of these changes, you can access more accurate price information for over 200,000 wines. Many wines that did not previously have a Market Price now have deep history of price information.

If you use Liv-ex data for valuation purposes, you will find that more wines are capable of valuation, and that price dates are more recent.

The before and after charts for Jacques Frederic Mugnier Musigny 2002 are shown below.

For more liquid wines, such as the top wines of Bordeaux, the updates have had little impact on price history.



How can you use Market Prices?

There are several ways to access Liv-ex price data. All are available to Liv-ex members.

  • Browse and search for individual wines to view charts
  • Receive price information into your own ERP system using APIs
  • Use APIs to display current and historic Market Prices on your own website and produce automatic valuations
  • Value lists of wines in minutes using Wine Matcher, either to identify trading opportunities or for the benefit of clients

Further information

Liv-ex members are welcome to contact their Account Manager for further information on how to use Market Prices. If you are interested in joining Liv-ex, you can sign up here or contact us.