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En Primeur 2023; Find value. Trade efficiently and profitably

The 2023 Bordeaux En Primeur campaign is just around the corner. A fast and furious release schedule is anticipated. Attractive prices are hoped for. There’ll be opportunities, but those best equipped to find them and taking advantage will enjoy a better campaign than others. Liv-ex members can do the following to navigate the weeks and months ahead more efficiently and more profitably.

  • Receive timely analyses of the important release prices highlighting where the best value lies.
  • Compare a wine’s prices and scores within its peer group and immediately place bids and offers in List Studio using our ‘ready-made EP lists’.
  • Examine the attractiveness of each wine’s release price individually using the Fair Value Tool to buy and sell at the right price.
  • Offer for sale some of your 2023 En Primeur allocation to over 620 potential buyers worldwide.

Find value in back vintages

Liv-ex’s Fair Value Tool lets you compare the relative value of a new release against previous ones.

Following the release of their 2022 vintage, Château Beychevelle, for example, was 82.8% correlated to age according to our Fair Value methodology. As such, it follows the traditional pricing pattern for fine wine, meaning vintages appreciate in price with the passing of time.

Typically, though not always, the most ‘undervalued’ wines provide the best returns as the price moves up to ‘Fair Value’ in the secondary market, whereas ‘overvalued’ wines provide the worst return.

As such, the vintages below the trend line on the chart below might offer relative value compared to their peers. This means you may be able to find physical vintages available at a more competitive price than this year’s release.

Once you’ve found an opportunity, you can buy the wine with the click of a button on the Liv-ex exchange.

Ready-made lists for EP in List Studio

If you’re looking for a way to quickly and easily compare the prices and scores of similar wines together, you can use the ready-made lists we’ve created for the campaign. You’ll find the following ones waiting for you in List Studio.

  • First Growths
  • Second wines
  • Bordeaux Right Bank
  • Bordeaux Left Bank
  • Other Bordeaux

View them in List Studio, and use the tool’s new functionality to quickly compare price points and sort the wines by the differences between them. When you see something of interest, instantly place bids and offers using the new in-built order pad. If you need help with List Studio, contact your Account Manager who will be happy to guide you through it.

If you are holding stock of this wine, List Studio also provides an opportunity to set your selling price correctly: “Have I priced my stock correctly? Should I lower or raise my price?”. Once you have decided on a price, you can offer the wine for sale live on the global marketplace and expose the offer to 620+ merchants.

Selling En Primeur on Liv-ex

You can also sell any En Primeur allocation you take on Liv-ex. Simply offer your wine to over 620 other reputable merchants using our Standard En Primeur contract. To do so, you’ll need to request a selling limit based on a bank guarantee. Speak to your Account Manager for more information.

Receive timely analysis in your inbox

Very soon after the 80 most important wines are released, Liv-ex will send you an assessment of where the value lies by comparing the release price with scores and the market prices of previous physical vintages.

Sign up to receive these emails during the campaign using the form below.