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James Miles’ annual member’s newsletter – November 2023 

By November 29, 2023Member updates

Dear Liv-ex member 

As you will know, 2023 has been very challenging for the fine wine trade. Prices and traded value have fallen sharply this year. Regardless, we have continued to invest in our marketplace and data businesses to help members navigate these difficult times and seize any opportunities that materialise. 

As I write, live exposure (bids and offers on the exchange) by value and product sit at an all-time high with more buyers and sellers than ever before. This has been helped, in no small way, by expanding and restructuring our distribution network in Europe, which has allowed us to both pay sellers and release wines to buyers up to 10 days faster on average. The recent update to List Studio has made it quicker and easier to benchmark prices, value client reserves and spot trading opportunities. In addition, you’ll hopefully be enjoying a host of small, but helpful improvements we’ve made to your Liv-ex screens, including mid prices, auction prices and almost 40,000 ABVs. A tool for you to conduct your own technical analysis will soon be available in-app alongside our existing Analysis Tools. 

The benefits of LWIN are now available on over 1 million vintage-specific wines, allowing you to ingest our data and critic scores into your systems more efficiently with the help of our APIs. In the new year, we are also going to replace our old “data look ups” consumption model with a new “data allowance” measured in megabytes (MB) – much like a broadband contract. This promises to make it easier for everyone to understand and manage their usage of Liv-ex. More innovation is planned in all areas, particularly data and settlement, as we expand our data and development teams in 2024 to automate more manual processes and move them online.  

Like everyone, Liv-ex is experiencing cost pressures across its business. We have adjusted membership and logistics prices next year to accommodate this. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to let your account manager know. 

On everyone at Liv-ex’s behalf, may I wish you a Happy Christmas, a prosperous 2024, and thank you for your continued support. 

Best Wishes 

James Miles