Updates for international payments

By February 26, 2018Member updates

From March 2018, Liv-ex payment details will be changing for international customers paying us in EURO. This is due to a structural reorganisation of our bank, HSBC. The account number will remain the same, but the sort code, which forms part of the IBAN, is changing from 40-05-15 to 40-12-76.

The SWIFT BIC (BIC8) for the bank, which also forms part of the IBAN, is changing from MIDLGB22 to HBUKGB4B.

The new Branch BIC (BIC11) will be HBUKGB41CM1.

The new IBAN will be GB45HBUK40127671389755.

Payments to the old account details from the SEPA area will continue to work FOR ONLY THE NEXT 3 MONTHS (due to SEPA regulations) . After the 26th May, any payments to the old account details will be rejected, so we would ask you to start using the new details as soon as possible.

The Liv-ex accounts team will be contacting you directly if you are affected. The new IBAN will shortly be showing on any invoice you download from the website.