Wine Matcher “techs it to the next level”

By August 17, 2017Liv-ex updates

Wine Matcher

Wine Matcher could take “days” off the time it takes to value a fine wine list, according to an article in this month’s drinks business magazine.

In the article, db’s Rupert Millar examines the online tool, identifying its capacity to “help merchants quickly and easily work through wine lists to determine prices, find trading opportunities and move stock through the supply chain.”

It does this by standardising fine wine lists using LWIN – the Liv-ex Wine Identification Number. It can then retrieve a number of different price points, such as Market Price, best bid and last trade, from Liv-ex’s 50-million strong database.

The article hints at Wine Matcher’s potential to change the way that the trade works in the future. Millar comments: “Many, I’m sure, looked askance at LWIN when it was introduced, and that is steadily becoming the technological ‘language’ on the systems of numerous merchants and logistics and warehouse providers. Wine Matcher could be the same; it’s there to use and it’s there to save time, freeing up merchants to speak to their clients, speed up trading and increase revenue.”



You can read the full article online here, or on pages 64-68 of the August 2017 edition of the drinks business.

To view our short animated video, “Wine Matcher by Liv-ex”, please click here.

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