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How to make the most of your Liv-ex membership: step 9

By November 25, 2015Member updates

lightbulbStep 9: Match data from different sources

Use LWIN – the universal identifier for the fine wine trade – to enable seamless communication between internal and external systems and over the internet.

The Liv-ex Wine Identification Number (LWIN) is designed to remove ambiguity and increase confidence in the supply chain. It is a unique seven digit numerical code used to quickly and accurately identify an individual fine wine product.

By creating a common language – and linking wine name conventions from different sources – LWIN solves problems of re-keying and mismatching, helping you to grow your business and saving you time and money.

Every wine listed or traded on the Exchange or stored with Vine has an LWIN.

How can you adopt LWINs?

      1. Email the Liv-ex data team for a copy of the LWIN database.
      2. Embed LWIN in your systems to increase your capacity to share and consume information electronically.

Speak to your Account Manager to find out more.

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