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Access the largest pool of gold-standard fine wine data; unique, independent, transaction-based prices direct from the global marketplace, plus auction prices, ABVs, commodity codes, critic scores, and drinking windows. Use our analysis tools and exclusive market insights to inform yourself and your customers.

Reliable, independent and trusted data

Liv-ex data is trusted by wine businesses in 47 countries worldwide. Our indices, which track fine wine prices, are quoted by Bloomberg and Reuters as the barometer for fine wine prices.

Members get access to the only database of independent, standardised fine wine pricing data that stretches back over 20 years.

Stop relying on inaccurate, advertised wine prices and start making smarter buying and selling decisions.

“The core function of an exchange is to ensure fair and orderly trading and the efficient dissemination of price information.”


Exclusive insights and analysis

Get members-only reports and analyses telling you what’s happening in the fine wine market. Use the charts and insights to trade more profitably, and to inform your own customers and their trading decisions. See more Market Data & Insights here.

Find the wines driving market trends

Our indices reflect the levels of live bids and offers on the most-traded wines by region. As prices move, use the Indices Explorer to find which wines are driving these movements, which ones are bucking the trend, and where the trading opportunities lie.

Get market-leading data, insights and analysis tools at your fingertips

“Informed markets create sophisticated buyers who make purchase decisions based on real and relevant data. Liv-ex plays a central and vital role in this process.”

David Pearson(formerly of) Opus One

Powerful charts to inform your customers

How does a wine’s price fluctuations compare to its peers? To certain regions? To other asset classes like equities or gold? Liv-ex’s Charting Tool lets you easily create these powerful charts to share with your customers.

Find vintages that offer the best value

Should you or your customers buy a new release, or is there better value to be found in physical back vintages? Our Fair Value Tool tells you instantly by plotting regression lines between critic scores, age and Market Price. Read more about our fair value methodology.

Technical analysis for more profitable trading

Widely used in other markets, technical analysis uses historic price movements to try to predict future ones. Liv-ex members can use the Technical Analysis Tool to anticipate price movements using Simple Moving Averages, Relative Strength Indices, Bollinger Bands and Fibonacci Retracements. Find out more about how technical analysis can be applied to the fine wine market.

Get market-leading data, insights and analysis tools at your fingertips

“It's a great tool, it has excellent analysis, and it gives us the opportunity to stand back and look at what is happening.”

Veronique SandersChateau Haut-Bailly

Your data questions answered

Which price points are available on Liv-ex?

Liv-ex offers a number of transactional and list prices to its members. Current and historic fine wine data points are available. They include: 

Transactional prices: Last trade, bid, offer. 

List prices: Market Price, average list price 

Release prices: Ex-negociant release price, Merchant release price

Click here for more about Liv-ex prices

What is the Market Price?

The Market Price is the best listed price for a wine in the secondary market. Unless otherwise stated, it is standardised to 12x75cl. To find out more about the Market Price, click here.

Why is transactional data most reliable?

Other sources of fine wine price information and indices base their calculations on list prices. These are advertised prices, often collected from sellers who may be advertising wine that they don’t even have in stock. There is no firm commitment to buy or sell at an advertised price. The real value of the wine may be higher or lower than listed. 

Liv-ex can uniquely provide you with prices from real merchant transactions. These are historic trade prices, as well as firm commitments to buy or sell on the market at a given price. All transactions are standardised by condition and tax status, allowing you to make like-for-like comparisons. Our members value this because this because it is real, proven price information. 

How can I value my wine portfolio?

Liv-ex members have various tools available to them to create fast, accurate valuations. Wine Matcher and Automation both enable this.

If you are a private collector or professional outside of the fine wine trade, we can offer a quote for a one-off valuation. Click here to request information. Many reputable merchants also offer this service as complimentary.  

Our guide, How to Value Fine Wine, provides more detailed information on this topic. 

What is a fine wine Index?

Fine wine indices measure the movements of a pool of actively traded investment wines and reflect sentiment toward different fine wine-producing regions. They are thus vital in understanding the fine wine market dynamic, and its historic and possible future performance. Find out more

Where can I find the Liv-ex Indices?

Liv-ex has created several indices to track the price of fine wine, including the industry benchmark Liv-ex 100. You can find them on our indices page, which is part of our Market Data & Insights section. 

How do I analyse fine wine prices?

Tools are available to chart the movement of prices for individual wines and baskets of similar wines against other asset classes. The tools help determine whether prices are likely to rise or fall and whether a wine is worth its selling price. Find out more.

I am a journalist or academic with questions about wine data/prices. Can you help?

We are happy to help members of the press and academia with price information, index series and commentClick here to get in touch. 

Got more questions?

Clean lists and value wines in minutes

Wine Matcher adds price points to wine lists at a speed of 5,000-10,000 lines per minute. You can use it to create valuations or compare fine wine pricing data to spot opportunities faster. It’s easy to use and all you need is an internet connection and an Excel file. Tasks that used to take weeks can be done in minutes.

Liv-ex data - straight to you

Liv-ex APIs enable you to bring price information – Market Price, last trade, bid, offer, and others – into your internal system or website. Automatically bring in ABVs, critic scores, drinking windows and more. Reduce human errors, save time and serve your customers better.

Instantly transform your wine lists with relevant data

Whether it is your own stock list or a custom list, it takes just seconds to enrich it with reliable, independent and trusted Liv-ex data – direct from the market.

Complete client valuations in minutes. Quickly spot trading opportunities. Benchmark your prices against the market. Create watch lists, and more…


Get the world’s most comprehensive database of fine wine prices at your fingertips.

“It’s a great tool, it has excellent analysis, and it gives us the opportunity to stand back and look at what is happening”.

Veronique SandersChateau Haut-Bailly


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