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List Studio: All your wine lists. All the data you need. All in one place.

By October 18, 2023Fine Wine Market

For many wine businesses, dealing with a multitude of wine lists dominates the daily workflows. Having to manage all these lists, and manually finding price data from many different of sources can be time-consuming and laborious. In response, we’ve developed List Studio, a Liv-ex tool which allows you to store, manage and instantly add relevant data to all your wine lists, all in one place. Thanks to this, you will no longer have to spend time moving between different screens and spreadsheets.

Beyond your own stock list, you also have the ability to upload or create, and manage, multiple custom lists. Discover a faster and smarter way to… 

  • Complete regular valuations for private clients within minutes 
  • Quickly spot opportunities to buy and sell stock faster 
  • Benchmark your list prices against the market and other merchants 
  • Create custom ‘wish lists’ to source stock for your business / clients, or ‘watch lists’ to monitor wines for the producer you represent 

Whichever task you have at hand, you can do it smarter and faster in List Studio.

What can I do in List Studio? 

Upload or create a custom list: You can upload an existing wine list (e.g. a client reserve list) or build a custom list from scratch.

Store and manage lists: List Studio is a central repository for all your wine lists.

Add relevant data: In seconds, you can transform a wine list with relevant Liv-ex price data such as Market Price, Best Bid, Best Offer, Last Trade, Release Prices and list prices from other merchants.

Edit and update: At any point, you can return to a list to add or remove data and get up-to-date data  

Instantly transform a wine list with relevant data 

Whether it is your own stock list or a custom list, it takes just seconds to enrich this list with reliable, independent and trusted Liv-ex data – direct from the market.  In the List Studio data menu, you can easily select the data points you want to get in bulk. Seconds later, the entire list is transformed with the data of your choice.   Your selection will be memorised, so that every time you, or anyone else in your company, return to your list, the same data will be refreshed automatically. You can change your data selection at any time.  If you want to take your list away for further analysis, you can export some, or all, of the lines as an XLSX file.

An easier way to get data in bulk automatically into your system 

We are also releasing a new family of APIs. The List Studio APIs allow you to build and maintain defined lists of wines. Used with our other APIs, they enable you to quickly and easily get the relevant data for these lists in bulk, at your preferred frequency, with a single API call. 

Want to see more? 

If you want to find out more, we would be happy to show you List Studio in action.  

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