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Accurate wine product data… from a single, reliable source

By June 24, 2024Fine Wine Market

Gathering accurate product data for wines can be a laborious and time-consuming task, as it often requires using multiple sources. So is the manual copying and pasting needed to get this data into ‘your world’.

From release prices and last trade prices to scores from respected critics in the industry; for over 20 years, the world’s most reputable fine wine merchants have trusted Liv-ex to provide them with a single source of independent and reliable data.

Liv-ex is now offering more product data than ever before, which you can get in an even more efficient way.

Whether it is for your e-commerce site, bespoke client offers or logistics paperwork, get the following data against an entire list of wines at the click of a button:

  • Critics data: Get scores and tasting notes from publications such as Vinous and Jane Anson
  • Drinking windows: Generate drinking windows for over 800,000 products.
  • Alcohol by Volume (ABVs): Accurate ABVs for over 40,000 wines in Liv-ex’s award-winning database.

With this, you can avoid costly errors, whilst saving time and money on administration and distribution.

Liv-ex members can choose using our new tool List Studio for a quick export, or get this data automatically into their system or website via APIs.

This is solving 2 hours of work in 5 minutes!

Desmond YeoWine Kin

Drinking Windows

Our new, proprietary algorithm combines our extensive data with our deep market knowledge to generate Liv-ex drinking windows for over 800,000 different wines.

Critics Data

Bring thousands of scores, tasting notes and drinking windows from publications such as Vinous, Jane Anson and The Wine Independent into your system and website.  No more copy/paste!

Alcohol by Volume (ABVs)

Get accurate ABVs for over 40,000 wines in Liv-ex’s award-winning database, which all have been manually verified by experts in our warehouses. The database is growing all the time as new wines are added.

Our ABV data help you avoid costly errors, save time on distribution and reduce the administrative burden of moving wine. For UK merchants, this will also help you navigate the upcoming excise duty changes