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With automation services, you can accelerate many of the processes in your wine business including buying, selling, logistics and payment. Maximise your opportunities to buy and sell with wine trading automation. Reduce repetitive, manual tasks so that you and your team can focus on creating happy customers and growing your business; members using our trading APIs sell higher volumes at better prices.

Average uplifts using Liv-ex automation


higher selling prices


increase in trade volumes


uplift in sales volumes

Bring files into your system render

Bring prices into your system

It’s important for you and your team to get the price right when listing wine for sale and taking to clients. Often this means making repetitive online searches. With automation services, you can bring the most trusted data in the industry inside your own systems for quick and easy viewing. View Market Price, last trade, bids, offers, and other data points alongside your own inventory information. 

Sell automatically

You have wine to sell. Our marketplace has the largest pool of professional wine buyers in the world. Advertise your wine to them – and their customers – automatically, direct from your stock system. Automated selling on Liv-ex achieves 7.8% higher selling prices and 2.5x sales volume as manual trades, and without any additional admin or listing costs. 

Increase your offering

With trading APIs, you can offer thousands of additional products to your customers without tying up any additional capital. These wines range from the rarest bottles in the world to everyday drinking wines. Wine trading automation on Liv-ex typically increases trade volumes by 5.9x. Unlike broking lists, tradeshare committed to your clients as soon as they place an order. 

Find trading opportunities screenshot

Find trading opportunities

There are tens of thousands of products on the market, and their values are constantly changing. Keeping on top of the best buying and selling opportunities can be tough. 

The Liv-ex Price API allows you to bring real-time price information into your systems. You can customise your view of the market by creating lists of interest so that you can act fast when opportunities arise. It’s the easiest way to make sure that you’re finding the best opportunities.  

Get started with Automation

Get critic reviews automatically

With the Critic Data API, you can bring thousands of scores and notes into your system and website automatically. This saves time – no more copy/paste! – and ensures total accuracy.  All you need is a license with the publication and a Liv-ex Gold membership. 

The publications currently available are Vinous, Jane Anson, The Wine Independent and Saturnalia.

Track your account and financial position

When you buy and sell on Liv-ex frequently, your financial position will change often. Account APIs bring all of this information into your own system. You can see your position, generate current and historic invoices and net statements, and set up alerts as you reach your trading limits. 

All of this makes it more convenient for you to view and monitor your Liv-ex account activity.

Stay in sync with LWIN

The LWIN dictionary contains extensive information – code, region, sub-region, colour, classification, user-friendly display name, and more – for 100,000 different wines. And it’s constantly growing. Using LWIN APIs, you can stay in sync with it automatically and get vintage-accurate product information.

This means no more manual updates, saving your team time. 

Offer storage

Here’s a dilemma: Running a warehouse is expensive, time-consuming and fraught with risk, but offering storage to your clients is a great way to build loyalty. Is it worth the investment? Fortunately, you don’t need to decide. Our APIs make it possible for you to easily store and manage wine on behalf of your customers, safely and securely, in Liv-ex’s UK warehouse. 

Ship wine more efficiently

Arranging deliveries for your clients can be time consuming – and if you are scheduling several per day, the time quickly adds up. Why not automate? Instant delivery requests, no paperwork. 

If you’re importing or exporting wine, you can call the ABV values and commodity codes via API, then automatically populate commercial invoices, EADs and other forms. Remove errors and reduce the burden of manually filling in customs paperwork.

Resources For Developers

Get the technical help your team needs to implement automation. Access API documentation. Get access to our testing environment. View uptime reports. Join the Liv-ex developer community to receive updates and invitations.


Get everything you need to automate and accelerate your wine business; from price discovery to payment.

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