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High engagement, high reward: Using Liv-ex and your broker to trade successfully 

Recent trading activity 

Since the start of the week, Bordeaux has maintained its leading position, accounting for 41.7% of the regional trade by value. Th region was buoyed by Château Lafite Rothschild 2016 and 1982 trading.  

Meanwhile, Champagne has also shown strong trade activity since Monday, with a share of 19.0% of regional trade, supported by Krug 2002, Rare 2013, and Dom Pérignon 2012 trading. 

Reaping the rewards of high exposure and help from your broker

Liv-ex members engage with the platform in different ways.  

For one merchant, that engagement has proven incredibly lucrative: by consistently maintaining an exposure of more than £5 million on Liv-ex, they have secured over £4 million’s worth of wine over the past year alone. Leveraging automation features (available to members on Gold packages and above), has enabled them to effectively trade 24/7 and secure stock on average 4.9% below Market Price in the last 12 months.  

As well as organic trades, about 20% of this member’s trades are broker-assisted. Regular interactions with their broker mean they receive curated offers of wines they have either bought before or are likely to be interested in. Ongoing conversations with their broker ensure they stay informed about the latest offerings, leading to higher chances of trading.  

Remaining live and active on Liv-ex and consistently communicating with their dedicated broker allows merchants to capitalise on emerging opportunities.  

Log in to the exchange now to start trading.  

Contact your account manager to learn about how to get help from your broker.

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