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Follow Bordeaux 2022 En Primeur with Liv-ex 

  • Access all key prices and critics scores in one place. 
  • Read independent price analysis and receive daily alerts. 
  • Identify trading opportunities Price using our ‘Fair Value’ tool. 
  • Benchmark stock lists using our new List Studio tool. 
  • Trade En Primeur stock on the exchange.  

The Bordeaux 2022 En Primeur campaign is fast approaching. Our Bordeaux 2022 pages can guide you through it, and we have plenty more tools to help you make the most of this year’s campaign.    

Determining the right price: ‘Fair Value’ methodology 

Liv-ex ‘Fair Value’ methodology helps in determining the right price for a given wine.  

The methodology uses regression analysis to measure the relationship between price and quality and establish the fair price of a wine based on its critic score and vintages already available in the market. 

You can find the latest update on our methodology here

Fair Value analysis tool (Liv-ex members only) 

Liv-ex members on a Silver package or higher can see real-time prices for all Bordeaux wines in our Fair Value analysis tool.   

The dashboard allows you to view the Bordeaux En Primeur 2022 charts from our blogs in real-time and in multiple currencies: GBP (12×75), EUR (1×75) and USD (1×75).  

To reflect the ever-increasing critical landscape, the tool has been updated so that members can filter between their favourite critics. It now includes the following critics and publications: Neal Martin (Vinous), Jane Anson (Inside Bordeaux), Wine Advocate, Wine Spectator, Antonio Galloni (Vinous), James Suckling, Jeb Dunnuck, Lisa Perrotti-Brown MW (The Wine Independent). 

The tool also includes a ‘Fair Value’ chart that indicates whether the price for a wine sits above or below the value implied by the trend line. The age of a wine can be used as a substitute for scores where that metric is more important.  

For more information, please contact your Account Manager, or click here to start exploring. 


Access all key prices  

Our key prices page displays the latest releases from Bordeaux 2022 in the context of recent vintages. The table is updated every time a new release is announced and shows the ex-négociant and ex-London price for all the top wines.   

List Studio is a new tool for Liv-ex members that offers a complete benchmarking experience, all in one screen. It allows you to quickly get data about your wines and sense-check your prices against the market and other merchants.  

Our fair value analyses might show that value lies in certain past (physical) vintages. List Studio enables stockholders of those vintages to easily satisfy the demand and sell their stock at the right price by benchmarking their list against the market before offering it up to buyers on Liv-ex.  


Trading En Primeur stock on Liv-ex (Liv-ex members only)  

Liv-ex members can easily buy and sell En Primeur stock on our trading platform, without any added risk. Liv-ex pays the seller in accordance with our usual payment terms. More information can be found here

The latest Bordeaux 2022 critic scores 

You can access our critic scores grid which compares the latest 2022 scores from a range of key Bordeaux wine critics. The table will be updated as the campaign unfolds.  

In our most recent En Primeur Survey, Lisa Perotti-Brown MW was voted one of the top five most influential critics by Liv-ex members. As of the 12th of April, the Wine Independent critic joins Vinous Media, Jane Anson and Saturnalia in being available as part of our Critic Data API. Through this update, Liv-ex members can automatically populate their websites with her critic scores and tasting notes.  

Daily analysis and alerts 

Throughout the campaign, we will be covering the releases as they happen and publishing pricing analysis. You can sign up to receive email alerts whenever the analysis is published to avoid missing out. 

#Bdx22– Liv-ex on social 

Liv-ex will also be posting its En Primeur analysis on social media, tagged with the hashtag #Bdx22 Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram (@livexwine) for the latest updates. 

Bordeaux 2022 En Primeur report 

Every year, Liv-ex publishes two reports assessing the new vintage campaign, initially available exclusively to members. The first explores the position of the Bordeaux market prior to the campaign and the quality and quantity of the vintage to be released, while the second evaluates the outcome of the campaign’s events.  

Our En Primeur 2022 opening report, ‘Bordeaux 2022: A double-edged sword’, has now been published.  

Key findings include: 

  • The 2022 vintage was a hot and dry vintage, with record-breaking heatwaves and long periods of drought. 
  • Many are saying the conditions are ripe for a promising vintage, on par with 2018, 2019 and 2020. 
  • Bordeaux has remained stable over the past year when many regions have seen their prices fall. Out of all the Liv-ex 1000 sub-indices, the Bordeaux has fallen the least year-to-date.  
  • Sentiment around En Primeur remains mixed as the introduction of RRPs by Chateaux and stock retention strategies do not guarantee strong returns for the consumer.  
  • The critics sphere is more fragmented after Robert Parker’s retirement from the Wine Advocate. As pricing En Primeur becomes more challenging, tools like Liv-ex’s Fair Value methodology become crucial to make informed buying decisions. 

You can also read reports about previous campaigns on our reports page here

For more information, visit our Bordeaux 2022 En Primeur page.  

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