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New feature: List Studio

By March 30, 2023Fine Wine Market

From today, members can access List Studio (beta), a new tool which will allow you to store, manage and instantly add relevant data to all your wine lists – all in one place. With this, you will no longer have to spend time moving between screens and spreadsheets.

Beyond transforming your own stock list, you will have the ability to create and manage multiple custom lists.

    • Benchmark your list against the market and your competitors.
    • Create a watch list of wines to monitor.
    • Value a client reserve list in seconds.

Whichever task you have at hand, you can do it smarter and faster in List Studio.

Release 1: The fastest way to get all relevant price data for your wines

List Studio is currently in beta, and will continuously evolve in the months ahead, with new features being added.

In release 1, you have a complete benchmarking experience for your stock list:

In the data menu, easily choose the data points you want; Bid/Offer, Market Price, Last Trade, List Comparison, List Prices, Auction Prices and LWIN Codes. You can now get all Liv-ex price data points, including List Comparison in bulk, previously only available via API. Seconds later, your stock list is transformed with the data of your choice.

Your selection will be memorised, so that every time you, or anyone else in your company, return to your list, the same data will remain and be refreshed automatically. You can at any time change your data selection.

If you want to take your list away for further analysis, you can export some, or all, of the lines as an XLSX file.

Always set the right price

Release 1 of List Studio allows you to always set the right price so that you can…

    • Maximise your margins
    • Get rid of slow-moving stock

By having everything on one screen, it will also offer an easy way to quickly spot selling opportunities.

How do I get access?

List Studio release 1 is available to Liv-ex members on all packages, with data access depending on your package level.

To use List Studio, all you need to do is to send us your stock list with selling prices (if you’re not already doing so). Please speak with your account manager and they will get you set up. Alternatively, simply click the button below.

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