Interview: How Vintage Capital is using Wine Matcher to save time searching through lists

By April 25, 2019Liv-ex updates

About Vintage Capital

Vintage Capital is a fine wine trading company based in London. Merchant and negociant price lists are an important source of stock for them – but they are often very long. Liv-ex caught up with Fine Wine Trader Jack Grosvenor to find out how he uses Wine Matcher to whittle these lists down to the interesting bits.

About Wine Matcher

Wine Matcher is an online tool that simplifies lists of wines, and can add important price data such as Market Price, Bid, Offer and Last trade – automatically. It is available to Liv-ex Members with a Silver membership or higher.

LX: What are you using Wine Matcher for?

JG: Two things. Mainly, we use it to find buying opportunities off other merchant lists. We receive a great deal of lists, and Wine Matcher saves us a great deal of time when looking through these offers.

LX: Can you walk me through this? So you receive the list in Excel, log on to Wine Matcher, upload the list, then download the transformed list with price data included. Then what?

JG: We use Wine Matcher to check these lists against the Market Price. So we calculate the percent difference between the other merchant’s offer and the Market Price, filter the list, and go from there.

LX: How does this help you save time?

JG: Often lists will have hundreds – or even over a thousand – wines. We can use Wine Matcher to get an estimate on all of them, then narrow down the list to see what is below Market Price. It turns a list of 1,000 into 50 that look interesting, and that we can look at more closely. It’s an incredibly clever piece of kit.

LX: How did you manage this before Wine Matcher?

JG: In the time that I’ve been in this role, I’ve always used it. Without it, there would be an incredibly lengthy process of going through Liv-ex and Wine Searcher and looking up prices. It would take a long, long time, but I guess that was the way before Wine Matcher.

LX: What is the second thing that you use it for?

JG: For checking our own pricing – that our prices look right against the market.

LX: How long did it take you to get started on Wine Matcher?

JG: It didn’t take long at all. I went through it once with a colleague, and that was it. It’s nice and straightforward.

Thank you to Jack for giving up time to speak to us about this.

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