Wine Matcher – seven million lines of data processed for members

By October 3, 2018Liv-ex updates

Wine Matcher has been working hard for Liv-ex’s merchant members. This week, it successfully processed its seven millionth line of data for them. At Liv-ex, we also use the tool daily. If our own activity was included, the figure would stand closer to 60 million successful matches.

What is Wine Matcher used for?

Wine Matcher standardises lists of wines, matches them to LWIN and can add important price data such as Market Price, Bid, Offer and Last trade. Many Liv-ex members now use it to ease the process of adding wines to their own systems. Others use it to value lists from private clients, and spot opportunities on trade lists.

Last week, we posted a case study on how Wine Matcher is used at Cru World Wine. Fine wine trader Will Winterton commented that, “[He] can save a couple of hours on a big list, but it’s not just about saving time. It means that [he] can look at more lists than [he] could before – more offers, from more people.”

Find out more – Free webinar demo

Next week, Liv-ex Director of Data and Web Services, Neil Taylor, will be hosting a free webinar on how you can use Wine Matcher to spot opportunities in the market faster. To reserve your place, click on the button below.