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The 2023 Liv-ex Power 100 – Gimme Shelter 

By November 22, 2023Fine Wine Market, Power 100, Reports

The 2023 Liv-ex Power 100 has been published. The report, which appears in the December issue of The Drinks Business Magazine, is our annual list of the most powerful brands in the fine wine market.

Last year’s report identified signs of an impending slowdown in the market; this year, we’re firmly in it. The Liv-ex Power 100 2023 is a reflection of a market knee-deep in a price correction. All major Liv-ex indices have retraced more than 12% year-on-year, and the Bordeaux 500 is approaching the double-digit mark. Unlike last year, 54 brands in the Power 100 recorded a negative price performance.

The 2023 Liv-ex Power 100: Chart shows major Liv-ex indices on a downward trajectory.

As risk aversion took hold of the market, collectors narrowed their focus to the highest quality wines, either at brand or at vintage level. Because of this, the number of brands that qualified for inclusion in the Power 100 was down 2.1% this year; nonetheless, there were still 414 brands in the running. 

The dataset considered covers the year from 1st October 2022 to 30th September 2023. The rankings are then calculated based on several weighted criteria including price performance, the number of a brand’s wines traded and the cumulative value and volume of that trade over the selected period. The full methodology is available at the end of the report. 

Inside the 2023 Liv-ex Power 100:

  • The full list of 100 leading secondary market brands. 
  • Full insight into the prevailing market conditions influencing buying trends, including:
    • Amid increasing risk aversion, Burgundy and California buyers narrowed their focus to top brands.
    • The natural beneficiary of this was Bordeaux, which is the best understood and least risky market there is. The region gained five wines in the Power 100.
    • Limited price performance hindered major red Burgundy producers. Brands with a high number of labels, white Burgundy producers in particular, thrived in this edition of the Power 100.

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