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The most traded wines in H1 2023 

  • Château Lafite Rothschild was the top-traded wine brand in H1 2023. 
  • When it comes to the number of distinct wines, Champagne led the rankings by value and volume. 
  • The price brackets for the top-traded wines by value range between £1,248 – £45,500 per 12×75; and by volume between £478 – £3,200. 

What were the most traded wine labels in H1 2023? 

First Growth Château Lafite Rothschild maintained its position as the most traded wine brand in the first half of this year, consistently leading secondary market trade by value over the years. This trend has been consistent since 2004, except in 2007 when Château Mouton Rothschild took the top spot and in 2005 when Château Latour topped the rankings. 

Five out of the top ten most traded wine brands in H1 2023 were from Bordeaux. These included three First Growths, as well as Pétrus and Château Lynch-Bages. The number of First Growths in the top ten is lower than last year. This is unsurprising given that First Growths made up a substantial 59.3% of total trade back in 2010, a figure that has gradually dropped to 10.8% in 2022, with a slight increase to 12.4% in the current year-to-date data. 

The top-traded labels extend beyond Bordeaux, as shown in the table above. Brands from Burgundy, California, and Champagne are also represented in the rankings, underscoring the breadth of the secondary market. 

California takes the lead by value, while Champagne claims the top spot by volume

Looking at the top-traded wines (LWIN11s) in the first half of the year, California came out on top of the rankings in terms of value with Opus One 2019. However, when assessing trade volume – a potentially more reliable indicator of prevailing market trends – Champagne topped the charts with Dom Pérignon 2013 and Louis Roederer 2014 experiencing the most trading activity. 

The Market Price of the most traded wines by value ranges from £1,248 per case for Antinori, Toscana Tignanello 2019 to a substantial £45,500 per case for Pétrus 2010. 

The most actively traded wines by volume carry considerably cheaper price tags. Their Market Price ranges between £478 per case (Château Talbot 2020) to £3,200 per case (Opus One 2019).

In the first half of 2023, over 7,250 different wines (LWIN11s) traded on Liv-ex. 

Looking for more on fine wine’s performance in H1 2023? 

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Independent data, direct from the market.