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LWIN keeps drinks (information) flowing. By providing universal codes, it works behind the scenes in businesses worldwide to make sure that everyone is speaking the same language about products. Its comprehensive database is free and easy to use – and always will be.

The biggest open-source database for wine and spirits.

The LWIN database is the world’s biggest open-source database for wine and spirits. It contains detailed geographic, colour and classification information. It’s free to download.

You can add it into your system and website easily or automatically, saving you time on manual data entry. Once it’s in place, it can help to give your staff and customers confidence about the wines you offer.  Because it’s standardised and consistent, it can help you build functions like search and filter.

Reduce errors and simplify reporting

LWIN is the universal identifier for wine and spirits. It assigns unique codes to over 175,000 different wines and spirits.

It’s a lot like ISBN for books. Each wine or spirit has a unique number and display name which can be shared automatically. This means that you can stop manually re-entering information, which reduces errors, and simplifies reporting.

Who is LWIN for

Share information quickly and accurately

A community of retailers, wholesalers, importers, logistics suppliers, publications, developers and apps is adopting LWIN. They can send information to each other easily and with confidence, whether it’s shipping instructions or a list of offers. Data suppliers like publications can use LWIN to keep their customers updated automatically.

Sharing information about wine is fast, and accurate – helping you to avoid expensive errors.

How LWIN helps

Connect and automate

With LWIN in your system, it’s easy to start automating processes. You can connect to Liv-ex to automatically: 

  • Get accurate price information for insight and valuation 
  • Buy and sell with a global marketplace – Increase sales exponentially 
  • Manage logistics and payments – reduce admin. 

Businesses that have automated are seeing impressive results, such as an average 200% increase in sales. 

Opportunity LWIN

Get started with LWIN

Your LWIN questions answered

How much does it cost?

LWIN is free and always will be. It has a Creative Commons license, which commits Liv-ex to keeping it free forever.

How do I match my wine and spirits list to LWIN?

The quickest and easiest way to match your list is with Wine Matcher, an online tool developed by Liv-ex. The full version of Wine Matcher standardises and adds extensive price information to Excel lists of wines automatically. It’s part of the Liv-ex membership offering. We also offer free one-month access to a limited version of Wine Matcher for any business wanting to get started with LWIN. This will be more than enough time to use it for adding LWIN to your list easily. You can request access here.

I’m a producer and I’d like to assign an LWIN to my wine. Can you help?

We’d be happy to help. Please contact our team to request an LWIN for your wine. 

Request LWIN

How long are LWIN codes, and what do they look like?

LWINs are unique 7, 11, 16 or 18-digit codes. The 7-digit code refers to the wine itself (i.e. the producer and brand, grape or vineyard). The longer codes include information about the vintage, bottle and pack size. 

  • LWIN-7: 1234567 – Example winery, Cabernet 
  • LWIN-11: 12345672012 – Example Winery, Cabernet, 2012 
  • LWIN-16: 1234567201200750 – Example Winery, Cabernet, 2012, 750ml bottle size* 
  • LWIN-18: 123456720121200750 – Example Winery, Cabernet, 2012, 12 bottles of 750ml 

*All bottles sizes are expressed in millilitres in a five-digit format. 

Is LWIN the same as a product code/SKU?

No. Each wine has a universally relevant LWIN. Most merchant users contain both an LWIN and unique product code inside their system, which helps them to identify the wine (wine + vintage + bottle + pack size) and specific unique case or bottle. 

Got more questions?

“Liv-ex has made a significant contribution to the world of fine wine by championing its LWIN unique identifiers for fine wines.”

Antonio GalloniVinous

Award-winning solution

In 2018, Liv-ex won ‘Supply Chain Initiative of the Year’ from the drinks business for LWIN. The judges applauded the decision to make LWIN free, “for the greater good of the wine trade”. 

Proven results

Our case study shows how LCB Vinotheque achieved a significant increase in efficiency after adopting LWIN. 

Free forever

LWIN has a Creative Commons license. This means that it will be free to use – forever. 

Get started with LWIN

“The wine descriptions on our customers’ inventories are now completely consistent – it looks far more professional”

Jane RenwickLCB Vinotheque