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Jane Anson publishes Bordeaux 2022 scores

Wine critic Jane Anson (previously of Decanter) has published her Bordeaux 2022 scores on her website, Inside Bordeaux. Alongside her scores and tasting notes, she also produced analysis of the vintage in three installments: Whites, Right Bank Reds and Left Bank Reds

Interpreting her scores 

The critic highlights that, unlike her peers, she only gives ranges for potential 100-point wines during En Primeur, while all other wines receive a single score. She said:  

‘One thing to note when reading my scores. I only give ranges with my scoring system for the potential 100 points during En Primeur (meaning 98-100). Other than that, I have chosen to continue giving a single point score as I did at Decanter. That makes me an outlier from other critics, but I believe it is more helpful for consumers. A range of 92-95+, for example, which I see regularly elsewhere, is simply not helpful when it comes to deciding whether or not to make an En Primeur purchase. Too wide a range and it’s meaningless, too narrow and I might as well make a decision. Where there is a likelihood of upscoring in bottle, I mention it in the tasting note.’ 

Bordeaux 2022 overview 

Anson deems 2022 to be ‘an extraordinary vintage’, but ‘not one without its challenges’. She praised the fact that ‘châteaux are extremely reactive to vintage conditions’ and the resilience of the vines, helped by a cool 2021. Overall, Anson writes that ‘2022 is a vintage that will be referenced for many years to come, and [she has] tasted many exceptional wines that are truly worth getting excited about.   

Jane Anson’s top-scoring Bordeaux 2022 wines 

NB: Château Latour will not be released En Primeur.

Jane Anson identifies seven wines with the potential for perfection, awarding them a score of 98-100 points. Among those is the recently-released Château Cheval Blanc, which she describes as ‘just a great wine from director Pierre Olivier Clouet and the team’. The wine is being offered by the international trade for £5,760 per 12×75.  

Interesting as well is the fact that four of the wines on Anson’s list are from Saint-Emilion, including a ‘precise and well cut’ Château Ausone and Château Beauséjour Duffau-Lagarrosse which she calls ‘just so good’. The results of Liv-ex’s 2022 Bordeaux En Primeur survey are consistent with Anson’s ratings, as 30% of respondents voted Saint-Emilion as the most impressive region in 2022.

Also on the list are Château Latour (which will not be released En Primeur) which ‘stands out for its confidence and swagger’ and Château Margaux, ‘stunning in its density and construction’. 

Liv-ex Bordeaux 2022 En Primeur coverage  

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