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Top Right Bank estates lead Bordeaux’s price performance

Yesterday’s trading activity

It was a Bordeaux-centric day of trading to start the week. There were trades for Château Lafite Rothschild and Château Latour among the First Growths, all for pre-2010 vintages.

Château d’Yquem’s 2019 vintage and Château Léoville Las Cases 2015 also found the bid and there was activity around Right Bank wines, namely Château Ausone 2019, Château Cheval Blanc 2012, Château Figeac 2016 and Château Pavie 2010.

Right Bank 50 index leads Bordeaux

*made with the Liv-ex Charting Tool

The Right Bank 50 index is the best-performing Bordeaux index in 2022, up 5.6% year-to-date and 14.5% over one year. In this respect, it is out-performing the Liv-ex Fine Wine 50 and wider Bordeaux 500.

The Right Bank 100 index is currently one of the weaker Bordeaux indices, up 2.1% ytd and 5.3% over one year. Nonetheless, it has performed better than the Second Wine 50 (+1.8%) index so far in 2022.

The 2012 vintage of Cheval Blanc has been rising in price over the last year. It traded at the very end of December 2021 at £4,086 per dozen and traded yesterday for £4,338 – above the current Market Price of £4,310.

Along with the 2016 vintage, it has one of the closest spreads between the best LIVE bid and best LIVE offer among the estate’ back vintages and there are currently multiple LIVE offers on the vintage.

It’s a similar story for the 2016 vintage of Figeac, although the 2017 vintage has the smallest gap between bid and offer. As with the Cheval Blanc 2012, prices of Figeac 2016 have been trending upwards since the end of 2020.

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