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The Liv-ex Market Price

The Market Price is the best listed price for a wine in the secondary market. Unless otherwise stated, it is standardised to 12x75cl.

How it is calculated

To calculate the Market Price, we look at list prices from a large group of trusted international merchants. Preference is given to prices from stock holders over brokers, to cases over single bottles, and to recent prices over older prices. The algorithm behind it runs every day, evaluating a pool of over 1 billion data points to determine the most accurate Market Prices for 240,000+ wines.

The Market Price is based on standard bottle sizes. For most wines, this is 75cl. Occasionally, such as for sweet wines, different bottle sizes are included in the calculation if they represent the majority. Merchants looking to value non-standard bottle sizes may revise valuations up or down from the Market Price based on their experience of current market conditions.

How you can use it

The Market Price is a trusted guide for pricing wine in good condition. It is used by leading merchants around the world to provide valuations for clients. Many also use it to help inform purchase decisions, and to decide on the correct prices for sales.

Since the Market Price is based on listed prices, it tells you the cost of replacement for a case. If you are a private collector, you need to account for merchant commission when selling wine back to the trade. You might expect to receive offers 10-15% or more below Market Price for your wine, depending on its condition. Premiums may be offered for older wines with exceptional provenance.

Where to find the Market Price

The Market Price is available to Liv-ex members on, via Wine Matcher, or through Automation services.

Merchants use Wine Matcher to provide client valuations, or spot trading opportunities, from Excel lists. Automation services can make the Market Price available on merchant websites or internal systems, and can automatically generate client portfolio valuations.

If you are a private collector, your merchant may be able to offer valuation information to you using one or more of these methods.

Liv-ex members are welcome to speak to their Account Manager for further information.


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