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Burgundy 2020: Stocks and sweet spots

The 2020 Burgundy vintage, deemed high quality across both colours, finds itself squeezed between two low-yielding years. Scarcity, the main driver behind Burgundy’s spiralling prices, presents less of a concern this year, but future shortages are looming in the background.

In some cases, but by no means all, producers are releasing full allocations to merchants and importers, to make up for the imminent shortfall. Meanwhile, the trade continues to report an insatiable global buying appetite that has led to reduced allocations to collectors despite another year of rising prices. Merchants are allocating ever greater numbers of premier and grand crus in three-packs.

Some key findings from the report:

  • The 2020 vintage is being offered into a bull market, following 20 consecutive months of gains for the Liv-ex Fine Wine 100 index.
  • Burgundy was the region with the highest number of wines trading in 2021 – 4,084 in total – a testimony to buyers’ willingness to explore.
  • The Burgundy market is undergoing a massive expansion as buyers seek value and stock within the region’s appellations.
  • The ‘Burgundian paradox’ suggests that the harder wines are to find and the more prices rise, the greater the demand seems to be.

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