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New Charting Tool: Easily create and share powerful charts with your customers

From today, members of Liv-ex will find it easier to analyse the largest pool of independent, transaction-based market data in the world. Liv-ex is the most comprehensive, most liquid and most active global market for fine wine, and our new Charting Tool lets members compare the historic price performance of a wine (LWIN11) with other wines, vintages, indices or other assets, before downloading and sharing charts with their customers or investors.

  • 780m+ data points for 300,000+ wines over 20+ years
  • 5,000+ two way markets
  • 20,000+ active markets with £85m+ of live opportunities

Members of Liv-ex can explore the new charting tool here. 

It’s one of three analysis tools available to members. These are powered by new APIs that allow members to present similar charts on their own websites.

Non-members can request a demo of Liv-ex and the new Charting Tool.