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LIVE opportunities: Jane Anson releases 2020 Bordeaux scores

  • Jane Anson’s initial scores have been released.
  • In her assessment 2019 is the strongest of the 2018-2020 vintages.
  • An overview of her report plus a video interview will be published on Liv-ex later today.

Decanter’s Jane Anson released around 200 Bordeaux 2020 scores over the weekend, the result of her week of Bordeaux tastings in late April and early May.

Anson awarded four wines a score of 98-100 (posted as just 99 on the website), three of which came from the Right Bank.

Cheval Blanc release

Cheval Blanc 2020 is the only wine in the table above to have been released so far.

During our initial Fair Value analysis, we found that a score of 96 from any major critic would place the wine on the Fair Value line, and on any scores higher than 96 the wine would represent value.

Anson awarded the new release 98-100 points, saying the wine, “could go up after tasting in bottle, a potential 100 points”.

We now await the full report from Anson and an additional 500 to 600 scores.

Overall thoughts

In her pre-report, Anson explained, “I would say 2018 is the most exuberant, 2020 the most structured and concentrated, while 2019 combines both and, for me, is the strongest of the three – certainly the most consistent.”

Anson awarded four wines 99 points during her 2019 EP tastings, so it seems the 2020 vintage is already making a strong showing, with many more scores to come.

Liv-ex Interview

Liv-ex Managing Editor, Rupert Millar, sat down with Jane Anson last week and discussed the Bordeaux 2020 vintage, which wines to look out for, and the possible direction of this year’s campaign. The video will be posted alongside our coverage of her full report.

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