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Cheval Blanc 2020 En Primeur – the official start

  • Cheval Blanc has been released at £4,656 per 12×75, marking the official start to this year’s En Primeur campaign.
  • This price represents a 3.5% increase on the 2019’s UK release price but is 2.7% down on the 2019’s current Market Price.
  • The new vintage has been scored 99 points by Jean-Marc Quarin and given a barrel range of 95-97 from Peter Moser (Falstaff).

Cheval Blanc 2020 was released this morning at €380 per bottle ex-négociant, up 2.7% on the 2019 (€370). It is being offered at £4,656 per 12×75, a 3.5% increase on the 2019’s initial offer (£4,500) but 2.7% down on its current Market Price.

It’s a modest increase in price on last year’s release which acknowledges the health of the overall market. With the release coming with little to no noticeit has nonetheless been met with excitement and early reports already suggest a strong uptake 

This year’s Cheval Blanc is a blend of 65% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Franc, 5% Cabernet Sauvignon. In line with increased production, volumes released onto the market are reportedly 20% up on last year.

This seems to be a release that has been pitched extremely well and looks compelling right off the bat. Will it set the tone for the rest of the campaign? 

Fair value

The wine was among Jean-Marc Quarin’s favourites, awarding it 99 points. Falstaff’s Peter Moser gave it a barrel range of 95-97.

As seen in the Fair Value chat above, on current form the 2020 Cheval Blanc will look very well judged if it receives a score of at least 96 from our benchmark critic Neal Martin. Anything more than that and it will look even stronger.

He and other major critics are expected to release their assessments towards the end of the month.

Buyers looking for physical vintages (see chart below) might wish to consider the 2011 (RP 95) and 2014 (NM 95), available at 20.5% and 23.3% discounts respectively and both with scores of 95 from Neal Martin.

Petit Cheval was also released this morning at €120 per bottle ex-négociant. It is being offered at £1,450 per 12×75, down 3.3% on last year’s release.

Our Bordeaux En Primeur 2020 page contains everything you need to know about this year’s campaign. You can also sign up for our daily En Primeur email alerts using the form below.