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Search by keyword – New Liv-ex website

By September 12, 2019Member updates

It is now possible to search for wines by keyword on the new Liv-ex website. This works when the keyword is part of the wine name, making this a convenient way to look up multiple wines from the same producer in regions such as Burgundy or Barolo.

To view a short video on how to search, click here.

To make use of this new feature, type the keyword in the search box and hit enter. You’ll be taking to a results page where you can select which wines you are interested in – or you can select all.

In the below example, we have searched for ‘Rousseau’ and chosen ‘select all’. When we press ‘next’, we’ll be asked to select vintages. We’ll then see all Rousseau wines for the chosen years.

  1. Enter key search term and hit enter. Select the relevant wines and press ‘next’.


2. Select vintages using the grid or links

3. View multiple wines with the same keyword


Want to learn more? Click here to visit our help page, where you can find a series of videos about our new website.