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Five reasons to try Liv-ex Beta today

By July 3, 2019Member updates

Have you tried the new Liv-ex website recently? It might have changed a lot since you last looked. Recently, we added charts to the wine pages. But that’s not all.

We’ll be adding more features over the coming months, but there’s no need to wait. Here are five reasons to start enjoying the benefits now.

1. Access more stock

If you can’t find a wine on our original website, try the new one. Our new platform uniquely allows you to bid on list prices, making £277m of additional stock available to you. Our short video explains how.

2. Manage bids/offers in bulk

Are your bids and offers close to expiring? Bulk renew them. Editing, deleting and renewing positions is much faster and easier on Liv-ex beta. Learn about it in our short video.

3. Buying and selling suggestions for you

There’s a lot of wine out there. You could spend a very long time searching for it. Or you could check out the recommendations made by our clever algorithm – just for you. Simply navigate to the ‘My markets’ tab and take a look. It’s updated hourly. (For the best results, send us your list).

4. Use it on mobile

Away from your desk and need to check prices? No problem. All key features on Liv-ex beta are mobile friendly. So the next time you need to find price information on-the-go,check Liv-ex.

5. More deals – faster

Good deals don’t hang around for long. The new website displays them faster than the original, meaning you can act quickly to secure the best opportunities.

Your views needed

Hopefully that all sounds great, but our work here is not done. In the coming weeks, we’ll be conducting a round of interviews on the new site – and we’re looking for volunteers. This is your opportunity to help shape the platform to suit your needs. If you’re interested in taking part, please send us an email. We’ll even bring biscuits.

How to log in

Finding the new Liv-ex is simple. Just choose ‘Try beta’ under the sign-in button and log in as usual.

Log in – Click here