Salon – the “dragon” Champagne

The approaching Dragon Boat (Duanwu) Festival on the 7th June in China calls for a celebration and there are few things better than Champagne to mark the occasion.

Salon might be the most suitable option for a number of reasons – not merely for the famous Champagne contains the word ” 龙 Dragon” in its name. It has also proven itself a successful brand on the secondary market.

The house is expected to release its highly regarded 2008 vintage in the near future. Didier Depond, Salon’s Managing Director, previously declared it one of the finest vintages ever. For the first time, the wine is only bottled in magnum format due to smaller volumes, as well as quality-considerations.

Salon has been leading the way among the Champagne houses, a topic we discussed in more detail in our special report “Champagne – a market without bubbles”. The brand also ranked 21st in the price performance category in the Liv-ex 2018 Power 100.

Over the past decade, the Salon index has outperformed the Champagne 50 (+91%) with a gain of 184%. Since the beginning of the year, Salon has not shown signs of slowing down – it has risen 2.8% while the Champagne 50 has dipped 0.2%.

Over the same period, Salon has accounted for 5% of the total Champagne trade by value. The top traded Salon vintages have been the 1997 and 2002. The latter has risen by over 81% since release.

Salon’s carefully calculated vintage releases and limited production levels continue to contribute to its successful secondary market performance. The release of the 2008 “dragon” Champagne following the Chinese Dragon Boat festival is likely to once again generate excitement among collectors and investors alike.

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