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Special report – Champagne: a market without bubbles

Champagne is a unique product among its fine wine peers. Its distribution network is unparalleled, the environments that it exists in are diverse – restaurants, nightclubs, royal weddings – and brand recognition is stronger than in any other part of the market. Mentions of Dom Perignon will likely spark far more excitement than the top names of Burgundy and Bordeaux among non-wine experts. Champagne therefore touches drinkers not typically engaged with fine wine, and on a global scale.

Champagne has long been an on-trade favourite, but in recent years, it has also established itself as a key secondary market player. Since 2010, its trade share has risen from 1% to 8% by value, and the number of unique Champagnes trading has multiplied.

In this detailed report, we examine:

  • The development of the Champagne market over the past decade
  • The steady increases of the Champagne 50 Index
  • The key Champagnes that trade
  • The factors that influence price

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