Ten million lines of efficiency – the new way to find price information

By April 18, 2019Liv-ex updates

The way that the wine business works – how prices are discovered, and how information is exchanged – has changed significantly over the past two decades.  

It wasn’t long ago that phoning other merchants, or looking through printed brochures, was the default option for discovering price information for fine wine. Then came the internet, which made information sharing far more efficient. Visiting several websites and searching for prices was quick and easy compared to sifting through piles of paper. 

More recently, this has become easier still. For Liv-ex members – who represent much of the global fine wine trade – two developments have added further efficiency and ease to how prices are discovered. One is through automation. The other is with Wine Matcher, which has just processed its ten millionth wine listing. 

As the drinks business reported last week, “Tools such as Wine Matcher and the new automated trading system mean lists can be uploaded and adjusted in real time, reducing admin and making trading more efficient and accurate.” 

Wine Matcher is an online tool which takes Excel lists of wine, tidies them up, and adds price data such as current Market Price, last trade, bid and offer. It can also be used to offer wine in bulk on Liv-ex. No tech development is needed – you just log on. 

As the chart above shows, recent months have seen growth in the use of Wine Matcher. Members are increasingly making use of it for tidying up lists (match to LWIN), adding price data to lists for valuations and opportunity spotting, and uploading wine to Liv-ex. 

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Who can use Wine Matcher? 

All Liv-ex members on our Silver package or above already have access, and can log on at www.wine-matcher.com 

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