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2018 Power 100 – Top 10 movers and the power of the DJ

Compiled in conjunction with the drinks business, the Power 100 is our annual list of the most powerful brands in the fine wine market. You can find this year’s full rankings and key themes, here.

Today’s post takes a look at the top 10 risers within the rankings. Historically, a strong indicator of a brand’s increasing popularity on Liv-ex can be gauged through the number of places it has moved up from the previous year.

As the table above shows, some of this year’s biggest risers fall outside of the top 100. Australia’s Two Hands, for example, has risen an impressive 95 places, but overall remains in 113th. Bordeaux’s Malescot St Exupery and Chile’s Rothschild & Concha Y Toro (Almaviva) were also up 71 places but ranked 121st and 133rd respectively.

However, the biggest story and subsequently the biggest riser in this year’s Power 100 was Burgundy’s Dujac, which is up an impressive 142 places.

The story behind Dujac’s success started back in January, when US rapper DJ Khaled posted on his Instagram about his Weight Watchers journey. At the time, the DJ Khaled said that he was “excited” about this wine that Jay-Z had recommended and as a result, was tailoring his diet so that he could drink it. The wine, of course, was Dujac.

Two days later the story was covered by Vogue Magazine and in March, Dujac was name-dropped in DJ Khaled’s song, Top Off. Since then, demand for the wine has sky-rocketed. Dujac Market Prices are up 51% on average, making it the 4th best price performer in this year’s rankings and consequently it has risen to 35th place.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Jay-Z has helped influence wine prices. Back in the nineties, the rap icon helped elevate the popularity of Cristal when he started carrying bottles on stage during his concerts. However, as our recent Champagne report noted, the Cristal index then ran flat from 2008 to 2016 following Jay-Z’s public boycott of the brand.

For more details on the methodology behind the Power 100 rankings, click here.

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