Discount retailer to sell wine en primeur

By April 1, 2009En Primeur, Releases

The en primeur tastings are now well under way in Bordeaux and we will be bringing you a full round-up of the news and views in a forthcoming blog.

One of the more interesting snippets of news to reach us is that the leading discount supermarket ADLE has announced it will be offering en primeur sales to its customers.

ADLE’s head wine buyer Avril Poisson, explains: “The 2008 Bordeaux vintage is classic ADLE territory, high-quality goods at discount prices. When we heard that some chateaux would release at 50% below last year, we thought: ‘Let’s get involved’”.

Poisson wouldn’t be drawn on which wines he is including in the offer, simply saying that he will concentrate on those showing the largest reductions in price on last year. “I am looking for wines with a 60% discount on 2007, as ‘60% off’ looks great on a poster. Discount retailing is all about the posters.”

In a departure from the wine retailing norm, Poisson says ADLE will be “selling” the en primeur wines in store: “Our research has found that ADLE customers value picking something up and putting it in their basket. Obviously the wines aren’t finished yet, so we have mocked up empty plastic bottles to look like the famous name. The bottles can then be exchanged for the real thing when they become available.”

ADLE has 49 stores in the UK and is owned by the German conglomerate, Leichtgläubig.

You can read the full ADLE press release here.