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Ao Yun 2020 pricing analysis

  • Ao Yun 2020 has been released internationally at £2,760 per 12×75, down 2.5% on the 2021 release price.
  • The wine received 96 points from The Wine Advocate and 97 points from Jane Anson.
  • Ao Yun is the only Chinese wine to trade on the secondary market thus far.

Ao Yun 2020 was released in the UK yesterday, at £2,760 per 12×75, down on last year’s release price of £2,832 per dozen.  

At this price, the new release comes in higher than the back vintages on the market.

Buyers looking for value may want to consider the 2019 or 2018 vintages.

Ao Yun is the only Chinese wine to trade on the secondary market. In 2023, 69.1% of its buyers were from the UK and 30.9% were from Asia.

Critical response

Edward Ragg (The Wine Advocate) awarded the wine 96 points, commenting that ‘while this wine does not have the immediate “generosity” or sumptuousness of the 2019 vintage, it is undeniably elegant, polished and powerful in its own vintage expression’.

Jane Anson (Inside Bordeaux) scored the wine 97 point when she tasted it earlier this year. She highlights that the wine has notes of ‘spring flowers, turmeric, bright berry fruits and a slow and steady lift.’

Fair Value analysis

The 2020 and 2019 are the highest scoring Ao Yun vintages on the market according to the Wine Advocate.

The 2019 was released at £2,832 per case and has since seen its Market Price drop to £2,031 per 12×75, making it currently available for buyers at a 28.2% discount on today’s release.

The 2018 was the most traded vintage of Ao Yun by value, volume and number of trades in 2023. The wine, which has a Wine Advocate score of 95 points, was released at £2,520 per 12×75 and has since seen its Market Price drop to £1,936 per case. It last traded at £1,852 (4.3% below the Market Price).

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