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About our prices

By August 29, 2008Fine Wine Market

We often get asked to explain a little more about how the wine price information we show on the website is collected and calculated. Below we have listed the various types of price information that Liv-ex produces. Liv-ex collects thousands of list prices from its member merchants and the wider wine world on a daily basis. As the world’s leading fine wine exchange, Liv-ex also has access to the prices achieved in actual trade-to-trade transactions. This page on the website, explains how price information is displayed on each wine's individual page.

Best List Price
The Liv-ex Best List Price is the cheapest list price for any wine received from a member merchant (currently totalling around 200) or the wider market in the past 30-days. It is designed to show the lowest price a purchaser could expect to pay for in-bond stock (which means exclusive of sales tax and duty) in perfect condition that month. If no price has been received during the 30-day period the previous best price will be used. The Liv-ex Best List Price is used to track the broad movement of market prices. If you are a Cellar Watch subscriber, this is the price used to value your cellar.

Current Best List Price
The Best Current List Price is the Best List Price that is still available in the market. It differs from a standard Best List Price in that only merchants’ most recent lists are considered and no prices from previous lists carry forward. Best Current List Prices are usually for the last-60 days, but other time frames – such as 30, 14 or 7-day - can also be viewed on each wine's individual page.

Average List Price
The Average List Price is the mean of all the lists prices received in a calendar month for any available wine. It is calculated on a monthly basis (rather than on a rolling 30-day basis) by multiplying the price by the available quantities of each parcel and dividing by the total quantity.

Transaction Prices
Liv-ex Transaction Prices are actual trades that have taken place between member merchants on the Liv-ex Fine Wine Exchange. These prices will be dated on the day that the transaction took place.

The Liv-ex Mid Price
The Liv-ex Mid Price is the most robust pricing measure available anywhere in the fine wine market. It utilises proprietary data as well as general market information to give each wine a real market value – as opposed to a merchant list price or a general estimate. The Mid Price for a wine is calculated by finding the mid point between the live bid and offer on the Liv-ex Fine Wine Exchange. If no live bid or offer is available, Liv-ex calculates a price using the full information at its disposal, including historical prices, merchant list prices and transactions prices. All Mid Prices are vetted by the valuation committee to ensure that they are as robust as possible and that all prices used in the calculation meet our strict criteria and fully reflect the market.  Due to the expense involved in their calculation, Liv-ex Mid Prices are only available to commercial valuation customers and are not shown on the website. It is also the price used to value the components of the Liv-ex 100 Fine Wine Index. The full logic for the Liv-ex Mid Price calculation is available on request.

Please contact Liv-ex from more details on our prices or if you wish to purchase any price information or other data. You can find contact details here.