Wine Matcher is an online tool for the wine trade. It helps you to work through lists of wine quickly and efficiently. With it, you can quickly find the best buying and selling opportunities and value client reserves. Do in minutes what currently takes days.

Clean and value lists in minutes with Wine Matcher

Wine Matcher makes it easy to work through lengthy lists of wines. You upload an Excel list, which might be yours or an offer from a supplier or private collector, and Wine Matcher adds accurate valuation data. You can choose to add a range of price points, including Market Price, last trade, and current bid and offer and compare them to prices already on the list.  

Using machine learning, Wine Matcher works through lists at a rate of 5,000-10,000 lines per minute.

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Find opportunities faster

Spotting buying opportunities on long lists is time-consuming. Often this involves searching and adding price points from Liv-ex and other sources manually – one by one – to find wines with attractive prices. With Wine Matcher, you can add prices to a long list in minutes and make quick and easy comparisons to find the best offers. 

Create client valuations

Create independent valuations for your clients quickly and easily. Upload their portfolio to add price information and keep them engaged. 

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Upload your list to the marketplace

Liv-ex has the largest pool of professional wine buyers in the world. You can use Wine Matcher to upload your own list of wines for offering on the marketplace. It’s a quick and easy way to sell more wine. 

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Add ABV and commodity code data

Wine matcher can add ABV and commodity code data to lists of wine in a matter of minutes. This important data is essential for moving wine around the world – but can otherwise be time-consuming to find.

See how Wine Matcher works for merchants

Your Wine Matcher questions answered

How much does Wine Matcher cost?

Access to Wine Matcher is included in the Liv-ex Silver packages and above. If you’re a Bronze member already, it’s just £100 per month extra which you’ll quickly make back in time saved and new opportunities spottedPlus, the Silver packages and above comes with extra benefits such as additional data available and the monthly market report. 

How effective is Wine Matcher?

Many members tell us that it helps them work more efficiently and find buying opportunities quickly. See the impact it’s had at Farthinghoe. Find other examples on our customer success page. 

Can I test Wine Matcher out?

If you’re interested in seeing how effectively Wine Matcher works with your lists(s), please request a free demo and we can show you the tool live in action.  

Got more questions?

Match your list to LWIN

Including LWIN – the universal identier for fine wine  –  on your wine list or orders means that many logisitics and warehouseing suppliers can process information from you quickly and more accurately. With Wine Matcher, you can match your list to LWIN easily.  A one-month period for LWIN matching is available for free.

Instant access

Wine Matcher is a browser-based tool. To get started, all you need to do is log on and have an Excel list ready. No development is needed, and members tell us that it is really easy to use. 


In 2017, Wine Matcher was awarded ‘Supply Chain Initiative of the Year’ by the drinks business. The judges called it a “very clever innovation” that “has far-reaching and practical implications for the fine wine trade. 

See how Wine Matcher works for merchants


“It’s an incredibly clever piece of kit. Without it, there would be an incredibly lengthy process of going through Liv-ex and Wine Searcher and looking up prices.”

Jack GrosvenorVintage Capital


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