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Wines influencing the Rhône 100 index  

By August 24, 2023Fine Wine Market, Rhone
The Rhone 100 index on Liv-ex from Jan 2004

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The Rhône 100 declined 1.6% in July and has fallen 16.4% Year-to-date.  

Opportunities have arisen where vintages within the Rhône 100 are trading below their Market Price providing an opportunity for buyers. 

Year-to-date the most traded Rhône wines by value include E.Guigal, Rayas and Beaucastel. The list of the most traded LWIN 11s (wine and vintage) in terms of the actual number of trades, includes wines ranging from £614 to £14,249 per case, as shown in the table below. Rayas has played a central role – both driving the Rhône 100 higher last year and lower this year.  

The most traded wines year-to-date by number of trades

Looking at the most-traded wines by volume, the vintages 2020 and 2019 dominated. Domaine du Pégau, Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Cuvée Réservée Rouge 2015 however sits at the top.

The most traded wines year to date by volume

Among the biggest fallers year-to-date in the Rhône 100 is Château Rayas, Châteauneuf-du-Pape. The 2011 vintage has had the most substantial year-to-date drop in the index at -40.4%. The decline is further accentuated by other vintages experiencing downturns, including the 2005 (-39.3%), 2003 (-36.0%), 2010 (-31.3%), and 2004 (-28.2%) vintages. 

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Independent data, direct from the market.