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The top-scoring Bordeaux 2014s according to Neal Martin

Recent trading activity  

Over the weekend, Bordeaux has maintained its lead in regional trade, accounting for 47.9% of the total trade value. This strong performance can be attributed to wines such as Château Cheval Blanc 1998, Le Pin 2009 and Pétrus 2006 trading since Friday. 

Over the same period, Burgundy held a share of 18.7% in trade value, with Domaine de la Romanée-Conti 2005 trading over the weekend. 

Tuscany has also experienced active trade, representing 6.5% of the total value. Among the wines that have been actively traded from this region are Tignanello 2020 and Tua Rita, Redigaffi 2020

Spotlight on 2014 Bordeaux wines 

As the Bordeaux 2014 vintage approaches its tenth anniversary, we anticipate a surge of “ten years on” retrospective tastings in 2024, redirecting attention to this frequently overlooked vintage.  

In a series of updates, we will be highlighting the value to be found in this vintage and a number of opportunities to take advantage of before 2014 wines come back into the spotlight. 

The 2014 Bordeaux wines with the highest Neal Martin scores 

In our analysis of 2014 Bordeaux wines last week, we focused on wines that have offered the highest return on investment since their release. This week, we explore the 2014 wines that have the highest Neal Martin score. 

Looking at the wines that make up the Bordeaux 500 index, the average Neal Martin score for the 2014 vintage is 94 points, with the most common score amongst these wines being 95 points (see graph below). 

Two out of the 50 wines achieved the highest score of 97 points from Neal Martin.  

The first is Château d’Yquem 2014. The wine received a barrel range of 96-98 points from Neal Martin when it was released in 2015. In 2022, Martin scored the wine 97 points.

Château d’Yquem 2014 trades on Liv-ex 

Château Mouton Rothschild 2014 also has a current score of 97 points. When the wine was released, it was scored a barrel range of 94-96 points by Martin. In 2017, the critic scored the wine 95 points; a year later, in 2018, he upgraded it to 97 points. 

Château Mouton Rothschild 2014 trades on Liv-ex 

There are then seven wines that have a current Neal Martin score of 96 points. These wines are Château Angélus, Cos d’Estournel, Château La Mission Haut-Brion, Vieux Château Certan, Château Suduiraut, Château Montrose, and Château Rieussec

Château Angélus 2014 initially received a barrel range of 91-93 points from Neal Martin when it was released. In 2017, he awarded the wine a score of 93 points and upgraded it to 96 points one year later in 2018. 

Château Angélus 2014 trades on Liv-ex 

Cos D’Estournel 2014 received a score of 93-95 points from Neal Martin when it was initially released. In 2017, Martin awarded the wine the mid-point of that barrel range, 94 points. The following year, in 2018, the wine achieved a score of 96 points. 

Cos D’Estournel 2014 trades on Liv-ex 

There are currently 188 LIVE bids and offers on 2014 Bordeaux wines on Liv-ex. Log in to the exchange to see them and trade. 

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