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Sold to the most active bidder: The benefits of maintaining exposure on Liv-ex

Recent trading activity 

Champagne is carrying on its strong performance accounting for 13.5% of total trade since the start of the week. Dom Pérignon 2013, the most traded wine by value so far in 2023, has been among the most active wines this week, as has Louis Roederer Cristal 2008.  

Tuscany has recorded a trade share of 21.1% since the start of the week, bolstered by wines such as Tenuta San Guido, Bolgheri Sassicaia 2019, 2018 and 2013, Tignanello 2020 and Masseto 2018.  

The benefits of maintaining exposure 

Liv-ex recently conducted analysis exploring the relation between the price at which trades are going through and wines’ Market Prices at the point of sale. Results showed that over the last 12 months, almost as many units traded 6% below their Market Price as 1% below it, highlighting the importance of maintaining exposure on the platform.  

One member’s activity revealed that as a result of consistently placing low bids, a significant proportion of their trades occurred considerably below Market Price. Over the past two years, they have purchased more than £1 million’s worth of wine and have even been able to secure stock up to 20% below Market Price, offering further proof that there are tangible benefits to placing bids on Liv-ex.  

Below are just some examples of recent trades that have all taken place below Market Price. For example, Louis Roederer Cristal 2015 last traded at £2,166 per 12×75, 4.2% below its current Market Price of £2,260 per case.

Liv-ex members can capitalise on falling prices by strategically placing bids on the exchange, enticing sellers to make competitive offers potentially leading to favourable deals.  

Bulk uploading offers 

To ensure maximum efficiency, Liv-ex offers the option to quickly and conveniently upload offers in bulk. Merchants can utilise either Your List (for their stock list) or Wine Matcher (for any other list). For more information on this feature, reach out to your dedicated Account Manager. 

By actively maintaining exposure and placing live bids, buyers can secure advantageous deals and maximise their margins. Log in to the exchange now to start trading.  

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