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Extended Report – The fine wine market in Asia-Pacific

Our latest report examines the development of the fine wine secondary market in Asia-Pacific. Since Hong Kong removed tariffs on wine imports in 2008 the region has become fine wine’s new frontier.

For much of the last decade and more, mainland China has been the target market for wine companies and brands seeking to make an impact in Asia-Pacific.

But this has changed in recent years and with China’s economy now struggling, the impetus to capture new audiences has only increased. Established markets such as Singapore and Japan have a chance to come into their own while eyes are turning to emerging markets such as South Korea.

Further analysis also reveals the region’s changing tastes. Famously, driven by China’s ‘red obsession’, Bordeaux used to dominate secondary market demand for much of the last decade. But that demand is evolving, and as the secondary market has broadened and diversified, the regions and labels trading in Asia have changed too.

The full report contains additional Liv-ex research and analysis on:  

  • Fine wine as an investment
  • The development of fine wine investment
  • The secondary fine wine market’s development within Asia-Pacific
  • Changes in the Asia-Pacific market
  • The fine wine secondary market in Asia-Pacific today