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Liv-ex report: ‘Burgundy 2020 – Stocks and sweet spots’

The Burgundy 2020 vintage was offered into a bull market for fine wine but concerns over future stock shortages hover in the background.

Our annual report on Burgundy explored how supply had put pressure on pricing and allocations, but also how this had enhanced the diversity of Burgundian wines trading on the secondary market.

For a time, the report was exclusive to Liv-ex members; now it is free for all.

Some key findings from the report:

  • The 2020 Burgundy vintage, deemed high quality across the board, finds itself squeezed between two low-yielding years.
  • The vintage was offered into a bull market, following 20 consecutive months of gains for the Liv-ex Fine Wine 100 index.
  • Burgundy was the region with the highest number of wines trading in 2021 – 4,084 in total – a testimony to buyers seeking value and stock within its appellations.
  • The ‘Burgundian paradox’ suggests that the harder wines are to find and the more prices rise, the greater the demand seems to be.

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