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The Rhône enjoys rising prices in 2021

  • The Rhône achieved a record monthly share of trade in November.
  • The Rhône 100 index is up 12.1% so far this year.
  • Domaine Jean Louis Chave Hermitage 2008 has been the best-performing wine this year.

Heightened activity for the Rhône in light of new releases

The Rhône has seen increased demand during the region’s 2021 En Primeur campaign. Its share of trade in November trade has been the highest of any month in 2021 at 5.9% of total value traded.
Although it is the 2020 vintage being offered En Primeur, the 2019 vintage has led trade by both value and volume. Earlier in November, Jeb Dunnuck published his first assessment of the 2019 Southern Rhône wines in bottle, judging the vintage ‘vastly superior to 2018 and a solid step up over 2020’.
Year-to-date, the Rhône has taken 4.5% of the market by value, setting a new annual high from 3.5% in 2018. The most traded wine has been Domaine de la Janasse Vieilles Vignes 2019.

Rhône prices up 12.1% year-to-date

The Rhône 100 index – which tracks the price performance the 10 most recent physical vintages for five southern and five northern Rhone wines – is at its highest level ever, having risen consistently over the past 15 months.
Year-to-date, prices for the Rhône’s top domains have increased 12.1% – less than Champagne, Burgundy and California, but more than Italy and Bordeaux.

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The wines driving the Rhône 100 this year

The wines of Domaine Jean Louis-Chave have been on the move this year, specifically the 2008, 2014 and 2017 vintages.
Châteauneuf-du-Pape’s Château de Beaucastel Hommage a Jacques Perrin has seen the biggest increases in its 2010, 2011, 2015, and 2013 vintages.

Château de Beaucastel 2016 has been among the five biggest movers within the Rhône 100 index this year. Earlier this week, the wine traded at a new high of £840 per 12×75, up 15.4% on its current Market Price.
Château de Beaucastel 2016 trades on Liv-ex

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