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Special Report – How U.S. wine businesses buy and sell on the global market

Today, nearly one third of all purchasing on the global marketplace for wine is driven by U.S. wine businesses, up from just 1% in 2011. After a dip in activity in 2020 thanks to American tariffs on European wine, the market has bounced back.  

In addition, America’s share of all wines sold on the global marketplace has risen 8-fold in over the same period, driven by some big name cult wines from California. In the first half of 2021, wines from over 27 different AVAs were sold on the exchange to buyers across the world.  

This report seeks to demystify the global fine wine marketplace and explain how wine businesses across America can take advantage of the increasing number of opportunities it presents.  

Areas covered in the report include:  

  • What is the global marketplace and how safe is it?  
  • An overview of U.S. secondary market activity and the opportunities presented 
  • The process behind selling fine wine overseas and advice on what to look out for  
  • How to buy from the USA on Liv-ex and the role of the importer  
  • The advantages of pre-sales and automated buying via API  

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