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LX1000 heads towards full year of gains

By August 4, 2021Fine Wine Market
  • The Liv-ex Fine Wine 1000 has risen for 11 consecutive months. 
  • The Champagne 50 was the best-performing sub-index in July. 
  • The index has also been updated to include the latest physical vintages.

The Liv-ex Fine Wine 1000 closed July at 380.88, having risen 1.3%. It was its eleventh straight month of gains and fifth at an all-time high. 

July also marked a roll-over month for the index. Vintages have been updated to include the most current physical vintage for each constituent wine. 

The main change is for the Bordeaux 500 where the 2008s have been removed to include the 2018s. The indices for Château Latour now cover 2004-2013 and 2006-2015 for second wine Forts de Latour. 

Champagne season 

After a quiet end to June following a strong start to the year, the Champagne 50 was the best-performing sub-index in July, up 2.7%. 

The Burgundy 150 has overtaken it over the year-to-date but Champagne remains the top-performer over one year. 

The second best-performing index in July was the Rest of the World 60, up 2.1%. It has been making up for lost time after a subdued 2020 and is catching up with its fellow sub-indices. It is currently the third-strongest index so far this year in terms of performance. 

As mentioned above, the Burgundy 150 has motored on and after a 1.6% rise in July its is now the best-performing index in 2021. 

All the remaining indices rose to varying degrees last month. The Italy 100 is currently the weakest performer year-to-date, having risen 3.8%. 

Find out more about the Liv-ex 1000 index, or download its components here.